Can I buy food and drink in the festival?

Yes. The festival has a number of food stands where you can purchase food and drink at convenient prices. In the bars you can both get cash and pay with your credit card.

What about the weather? Is it cold? What should I wear?

Daytime will be pleasant, maybe even warm, so you can walk around in light clothes. At night it gets pretty cold, so make sure you have warm clothing.

When should I get there? When do shows start?

The festival starts on Thursday (3/21) at 4pm and will continue until Friday (3/22) at 4pm.
Full schedule will be up soon.

Nice festival. I'd like to perform too. Who should I contact?

Line-up application for this coming festival is closed. Follow us for next year's application.

Where do I sleep?

Everyone's invited to sleep on festival grounds. If you're looking for more relaxed accommodation - there is a possibility to rent rooms in the Gvulot guesthouse.

Where and how can I buy tickets for the festival?

Details on purchasing tickets are on "Tickets" page. Go ahead and get them! Remember you cannot buy tickets on festival grounds - all sales are before the event!