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Arts In The Festival

Air Balloon

The festival’s art started at the very beginning of the festival and has continued to grow with the growth of the festival. During the first years of the festival the art was simple, modest and inspired by the desert and agricultural environment surrounding Mitzpe Gvulot, mostly using whatever available or recyclable materials that were around.

Like the festival, the art in it developed and now includes different medias - sculpture, paintings, video, performance and design, all incorporated.

Other than the unforgettable shows in each of the festivals throughout the years, the art installations have become an inseparable part of the face and history of the festival, attached to each one of them, another way to differentiate between “inDnegev 2015” and “inDnegev 2018”. 

Art Director: Ohad Kabri

Photo: Gaya's Photos

This year the Hebrew word יסודות (Yesodot), that can be translated as foundations, elements or essence was chosen as the departure point for the art in the festival.

Yesodot are the things we build upon and tear down to. 

Sometimes violence eats into them. 

They can be as strong as steel or as strong as ideology. 

They make us special, differentiate between us and join us together. 

They hold up our buildings when all else is unstable. We will not give up on them.

In our essence or foundation, in the yesod - we are all special - which is why in essence - we are all alike. 

The time to go back to the Yesodot has come, now is the time to check what we built up on and what is eating at us.

Go out for a walk in the world we built!

Photo and Cover Photo: May Savir