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Air Balloon

Many say that in the inDnegev the true festival takes place in the camping area. We won’t try to argue with that, and this year we will even try to prove the claim by new exciting changes and surprises!

Photo: Skypro

Family Area

A camping area meant for families, quieter than other areas, closer to the varied amenities and the kiddy area. This area is designated for families only, please avoid camping here if you did not arrive as a family.

Quiet Area

For participants that aren’t families but still want some quiet at night, a defined zone will be designated for quiet camping.


After the the superfluous positive feedback, we decided to expand the rentable camping area.

The area includes a shared zone with shaded sitting areas, a shared cooking area and free coffee stops.

We have two camping possibilities on site:

  1. Tents for rent - each tent comes with two single mattresses.
  2. Trailers for rent - air-conditioned trailers with a double bed, two children-beds, a toilet, shower and refrigerator. Please note that due to safety limitations, we can not allow cooking on gas stoves inside the trailer.

Tickets for Rent-a-Tent can be bought here.

In addition, all festival-goers will be able to rent mattresses, sleeping bags and tents for their private camping.

Shop & Bar

Just off of the Adama tent a shop will be open for all. The shop will offer fair-priced snacks, drinks, black coffee, canned goods, ice cream and more.

In addition, a bar that will be running during all the night as well, will be locate at the camping area, right on the main trail.

Photo: Hadar Gindi

Cover Photo: May Savir